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Submission format

Example submission and file formats:


Abbreviations: number of cases [d] number of recovered [d] (optional) number of deaths [d] number of tests [d] (optional)

M...mortality [d] (optional) number of critical cases (hospitalization required) [d] (optional)


low95N-high95N...95% confidence interval for N [d] (optional)

low95R-high95R...95% confidence interval for R [d] (optional)

low95D-high95D...95% confidence interval for D [d] (optional)

low95T-high95T...95% confidence interval for T [d] (optional)

low95M-high95M...95% confidence interval for M [d] (optional)

low95C-high95C...95% confidence interval for C [d] (optional)


Estimates for the total number of critical cases C are optional and may be included in weekly target submissions.

The following files provide examples of the submission file format:



For no estimates just leave the corresponding fields empty. Please use integers for all case numbers and floats with a point separator for your mortality predictions.


For 7 and 30 day predictions, use the following file names:




Submit your results!

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